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Our approach can be summed up as "Win-Fairly".

As the customer, have you ever bought something and felt that you had been "ripped off", "done over" or fleeced by the supplier?  Did you ever do business with that person again?

As the supplier, did a customer of yours ever just push and shove for more and ever more, while demanding to pay less and ever less? How did you feel about doing business with them? Did you ever do business with them again?

At SEO Gurus, the relationship between us and our customers has to work both ways and be based on mutual trust and open, honest communication. We will tell you very clearly what we can do and cannot do for your business, no surprises and no downstream pollution. If we don't think we can achieve what you want then we'll tell you. We may lose a prospective customer but, hopefully, we will have gained your respect.

Our preferred method of contractual negotiation is to "Look you in the eye and shake your hand". Do you remember a time when business was carried out in this way? Obviously, over the web to achieve this you will need to install the new Java Virtual Handshake module version 2.1 - no, only joking! But, hopefully, this helps you understand our ethos and preferred way of working, that is why we allow you to cancel your monthly retainer at any time if you are not happy with our service. When you key in your keywords, just like you, we want to see your website on the first page of the results. See Our Solution or look at About SEO Gurus for further information.

Can we assist your business? Just email us now with your site details and we'll have quick look at your business and web site, and let you know what we can do for you.

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Top Tip
Even in the world of eBusiness, there is room for people to be treated as people.

AT SEO Gurus, we may be a bit old-fashioned but we still like to treat people as individuals.  We like to understand our customers and their businesses - this can only improve our service to you.