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So, What do you get from us and how much does it cost?

True Search Engine Optimization is really a combination of four distinct skills namely; copywriting, web design, search engine friendly formatting and marketing (for more details please click here).

SEO Gurus service covers all four aspects of optimization. Specifically, we will
  • Work with you to develop keywords and phrases which will improve your business's visibility and drive more business to you. We find that customers are often too close altogether to their business to do this by themselves. We act as the objective sounding board to our customers to get them to understand what will really work.
  • Develop an optimised page of text about your business and products/services, using our copywriting skills, that will positively attract the attention of the spiderbots used by the search engines to index and rank your website.
  • Format the actual HTML code to be spiderbot friendly. That is a separate exercise to developing the web page and often overlooked or misunderstood by website developers.
  • Host your details and information on a separate site to your current website. If your current site isn't impressing the search engines then if we link to you we may be penalised for linking to a poorly rated site.
  • Submit the newly created information to all the key search engines, specifically this will include , Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista and Ask Jeeves. We do this in a different way to many SEO companies (see the SEO Gurus Top Tip).
  • Promote your website across the web to create interest and further traction for your business.
  • Analyse the results of the above actions and continue to modify and refine our approach to further raise your website's profile and search engine results.

Our charging for this service includes an initial one-off charge (as you can see there is a lot of work up front) and then your monthly fee to cover our continued optimization efforts.

Producing business results from SEO work should be seen as your ongoing marketing strategy that moves with the market conditions and changes in technology, specifically the changes search engine companies make to their page placement algorithms. Actual rates are customer specific based on the complexity of the work and competitiveness of the market in which the customer operates.

Can we assist your business? Just email us now with your site details and we'll have quick look at your business and web site, and let you know what we can do for you.

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SEO Gurus Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO Gurus
Top Tip
SEO Buyer beware!

We have seen a number of SEO sites that offer free submission to Search Engines. We are aware that some firms offering this service are also selling your email address to spam mailing lists, which means your inbox will be bombarded with bogus mail. Please ensure any SEO firm you deal with gives you a comprehensive list of where your details are sent.