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Most of our customers are small to medium sized businesses and generally fall into two categories:
  • They have set up a web site to sell their products directly to end users over the web. Many of these companies already have their "real" shop and are looking to extend their customer audience across the world wide web.
  • They sell more complex products or services and need visibility on the first page of web search results to pull potential customers to their company. Many professionals are in this category including Accountants, Solicitors and Architects.

All of our customers have one thing in common - they are totally frustrated by the lack of "hits" they are getting from potential customers. The reason for the lack of searches is that even when the most obvious key words for their products/services are entered into the major search engines their company does not appear on the first page of the search results.

If an accountancy firm based in London keys in "Accountant London", they want to see their site on the front page of at least some of the searches. (Obviously London could be England or Ontario - but that is a separate problem solved by refining the search to "Accountant Manchester UK" or "Accountant Manchester Canada").

So do you fit our customer profile? Are you wrestling with the problems outlined above? Why not contact us now (Contact Form or use the email and phone contact details below), or look at Our Approach to doing business - we want you to feel comfortable with us and the way we like to do business.

Can we assist your business? Just email us now with your site details and we'll have quick look at your business and web site, and let you know what we can do for you.

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Top Tip
What are you trying to achieve with your website - ultimately its more business not numbers of "hits".

AT SEO Gurus, we believe our method will give our customers long term, sustainable business results. Some of our customers have tried Pay Per Click (PPC) and realised that the number of "hits" does not necessarily translate into more business.